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Amorolfine 5% Nail Lacquer

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What is Amorolfine?

Amorolfine is a nail lacquer which is used as a fungal nail treatment. It stops fungi in the nail from reproducing, which prevents the infection from growing and spreading to other nails. Amorolfine is a non-branded version of Curanail. Curanail is an over-the-counter treatment licensed to treat up to two infected nails. However, you can buy amorolfine to treat multiple nail infections at the same time.

How often should you use Amorolfine?

To obtain the best results, you should use amorolfine one or two times a week for the duration of the treatment course. Gaps in treatment can delay the treatment time.   

How long does it take to work?

Amorolfine can take between 6 and 12 months to work depending on where the fungal infection is. For infections affecting fingernails, amorolfine takes around 6 months to work. Fungus affecting toenails will usually require 9 to 12 months of treatment. You can find a better idea of this on our Treatment Timeline

How effective is Amorolfine?

Amorolfine has a high success rate when used correctly. A clinical study reported that amorolfine had a 90% success rate of curing nail infections after 40 weeks of use.

Is Amorolfine over the counter?

You can buy amorolfine in a 3ml quantity over the counter from a pharmacy, but there are restrictions for its use. Amorolfine in a 5ml quantity requires a prescription.

Can I use Amorolfine if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

This treatment is generally safe to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. It is unlikely to be absorbed by the body when applied onto the nails. However, to avoid any unnecessary risk, you should seek medical advice before using this medication if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Treatment Timeline

1 to 3 months

Using amorolfine once a week as directed, will allow the active ingredient to penetrate the surface nail allowing it being treating and killing the fungus

3 to 6 months

As treatment continues, you may start to see the growth of the healthy nail below. Continuous use of the treatment as directed will allow the new nail to grow back properly and reduce the risk of re-infection.

6 to 9 months

Continued use of amorolfine for this time period will improve the condition of the new nail as it grows. You will now notice the infected nail growing out. The discolouration and thickness should also now be decreasing as the new, healthy nail replaces the old one.

9 to 12 months

The infected area should now have completely gone and replaced with a new healthier nail. This process is usually quicker when treating fingernails

What are the side effects?

The side-effects of amorolfine are rare. If you do experience side-effects, you should discontinue treatment and seek medical attention. Some of the adverse effects include:

  • Rare side effects (affect 1/1000 people) include damage or discoloration to the nail, or nails becoming fragile or bitter.
  • Very rare side effects (affect 1/10,000 people) include a burning sensation on the skin
  • You may also potentially have an allergic reaction to this treatment, and the side effects for this can include blisters, redness, itching or hives.

Where can I find out more information about Amorolfine? 

You can find out more by reading the Patient Information Leaflet

Chemist Click

File the nail

Before the first application, file down all infected areas of the nail including the nail surface as much as you can using the nail file provided. CAUTION: Do not use files that have been used for infected nails on healthy nails otherwise you risk spreading the infection. To further reduce risk of spreading the infection, ensure that no one else uses the files from your kit

Chemist Click

Clean the nail

Use one of the swabs provided to clean the surface of the nail. Repeat step 1 and 2 for each infected nail

Chemist Click

Take some lacquer from the bottle

Dip the spatula into the bottle of nail lacquer. The lacquer must not be wiped off the edge of the bottle before it is applied

Chemist Click

Apply the lacquer

Apply the lacquer evenly over the entire surface of the nail Repeat this step for each affected nail Let the treated nails dry for approximately 3 minutes Wait at least 10 minutes before applying any cosmetic nail varnish if you wish to do so

Chemist Click

Clean the spatula

The spatulas provided are re-usable. However, it is important to clean them thoroughly after completing each treatment procedure, using the same swab you used for nail cleansing. Avoid touching newly treated nails with the swab. Close the lacquer bottle tightly. Dispose of the swab carefully as it is inflammable

Before applying the nail lacquer, ensure to file down the whole nail as much as possible using the file provided. Use a swab to clean the surface of the nail (swabs are provided but if you run out, you can use nail varnish remover instead). This process should be repeated for each nail that has an infection. Dip the spatula in the bottle of nail lacquer, taking care to ensure that you apply the liquid evenly across the surface of the nail. Let the lacquer dry for 3 minutes.

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