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How to delay your period

You can delay your period by taking a tablet called norethisterone for a maximum of 17 days. You should take 1 tablet three times a day, starting three days before the expected start of your period. Your period will come within 2-3 days of having stopped the medicine. If you forget to take a dose, you should take it when you remember. If this is when your next dose is due to be taken, do not take two tablets together. It is unlikely that missing one tablet will make a difference, but it may increase the chances of spotting (where small specs of blood are present on your underwear). The best time to take period delay tablets is around three days before you are due to start your period. This decreases the chances of spotting and it is likely for the tablets to be most effective when this routine is followed.

How do period delay tablets work?

In women, progesterone levels vary throughout the course of the month. Towards the end of the menstrual cycle, progesterone levels decline, causing the lining of the womb to break down and leave the body via a bleed known as a period. Period delay tablets (norethisterone) contain progesterone and keep levels high, ensuring that the lining of the womb is not broken down and shed. This prevents a bleed.

Are they effective?

In most women, taking period delay tablets will work to prevent periods for a temporary period of time. Spotting (small specs of blood) may occur in some women, but there isn’t a way of finding out whether or not you will experience this, before having taken the tablets. Taking tablets closer to the time of your period may increase the chances of spotting.

Can I delay my period once it has started?

Period delay tablets need to be taken three days before your expected onset, and are unable to stop bleeding once you have started menstruating.

Do period delay tablets have any side-effects?

Side-effects are uncommon, however, as with all medication, there is a chance that you may have side-effects. Common side-effects of delaying your period include spotting, where specs of blood may appear on your underwear. Other side-effects of period delay tablets include feeling bloated, tender breasts, decreased sexual desire and an increase in blood pressure. It is important to read the Patient Information Leaflet provided with your medication.

How can I delay my period if I am taking the contraceptive pill?

If you are taking the contraceptive pill, you should not take period delay tablets, as it is not necessary and can cause unwanted side-effects.

Women who take the mini pill (progestogen only pill), such as Cerazette and Cerelle, do not require period delay tablets, as bleeds do not occur when taking these types of pill.

Women who take the combined oral contraceptive pill, such as Gedarel, Loestrin, Microgynon, Yasmin and Rigevidon (or any other combined pill which usually have 21 active pills), should take two packets in succession (or omit the 7 day pill free interval where a bleed occurs). By doing this, you will not have a bleed until you stop taking the tablets. You are able to take up to three packets in succession, but you should consult your doctor before doing so.

Women taking phasic pills (which usually have two or three different sections to a packet), should consult their doctor or pharmacist, as each pill contains a different amount of oestrogen. You may not be able to delay your period by simply taking two packets back to back.

Can period delay tablets prevent pregnancy?

Period delay tablets are not a form of contraception and should not be relied upon to prevent pregnancy. Period delay tablets are prescribed at a strength which is meant for postponing menstruation, and you should think about using the contraceptive pill if you wish to prevent pregnancy. If your period is late and you are sexually active, seek medical advice. 

Are period delay tablets safe?

Most women are able to safely use period delay tablets on an occasional basis. There are some women who are not able to use period delay tablets. For example, those that have had:

  • A blood clot or a family history of blood clots
  • Liver problems
  • A heart attack or angina


It is important to complete our online questionnaire honestly and to the best of your knowledge, before you can order period delay tablets online using our service.

Can I use period delay tablets with other medication?

There may be a possible interaction with other medicines you may be taking such as certain medicine used to treat epilepsy, HIV, high blood pressure, some antibiotics and painkillers. You should go through the medical questionnaire which will determine whether or not you are eligible to order period delay tablets. If the questionnaire rules out the use of period delay tablets, you should visit your GP to discuss your options.

When should I seek medical advice?

If you do not get a period within a few days of having stopped taking period delay tablets, you should let your doctor know.

It is important to stop taking period delay tablets and consult your doctor as soon as possible if you are experiencing symptoms of Deep Vein Thrombosis such as painful or swollen legs, your legs turn red or purple, or your leg is warm. You should also let your doctor know immediately if your eyes and skin become yellow, you start to get headaches, you find it difficult to speak, you feel weak, you experience numbness around your body, you are short of breath, you notice an increase in your heart beat, your chest hurts or you notice any blood when you cough. Although extremely rare, these may be signs and symptoms of something serious such as a blood clot or jaundice.

How can I buy period delay tablets?

You can buy period delay tablets online by completing an online consultation. Your answers will then be assessed by our medical team, and your tablets will be dispatched to an address of your choice using a next day delivery service.



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