Stop Smoking

To stop smoking requires willpower and motivation to give you the best chance of quitting. Champix is an effective agent used to help people stop smoking. A recent Cochrane review showed that Champix increased your odds of quitting 2.88 times compared to placebo. This means Champix more than doubles your chances of quitting, compared to quit by determination alone.

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Stop Smoking

Those who smoke will probably be aware that there is an element of risk, but not everyone will recognise just how serious the risk can be. Out of every 1000 smokers, it is likely that one-quarter of them will suffer from a smoking-related illness.

This information combined with the many toxins contained within cigarettes can explain why so many are looking to kick the habit and make a change for the better.

Why Quitting Smoking is So Difficult

The concept of giving up smoking seems a relatively simple one, and that’s not to smoke. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, simply because of how addictive smoking is.

This is due to the way dopamine and noradrenaline is altered when nicotine enters the body, which can offer a soothing and relaxing feeling. However, as the nicotine leaves our system, we can become anxious and moody, which is when the addiction starts to form.

Even with the best willpower in the world, stopping smoking can be extremely challenging, and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Steps for Success

When stopping smoking, there can be different triggers for different people. For example, some may be used to having a cigarette during a work break, whereas others may only have one during stressful times.

When deciding to quit smoking, it’s vital that you account for any triggers that can occur, and how you will manage these.

Some find the chewing of gum to be a good substitute for smoking, whereas others rely on a stress ball. It’s about finding an outlet that substitutes the needs for smoking, be it a cold drink or a brisk walk.

Helping Hand

There are those who will have tried giving up smoking loads of times and find that they’re no further on in their goal. This isn’t because they want to remain smoking, but to date no solution has been substantial to see them through the long-term.

It stands to reason that our brains don’t work in the same way, and there can be so many reasons that stop smokers reaching their full potential. The strength of addiction that comes with smoking should never be underestimated.

Fortunately, there is a solution in the form of medication that will counteract the pangs and cravings associated with smoking, making quitting a less stressful ordeal.

ChemistClick can offer a free consultation for those seeking medication, including Champix®. This medication helps block the nicotine receptors, which means that users get less cravings. In fact, those who Champix® are three times more likely to quit.

Once the right treatment has been ascertained, you can order your medication and receive it the next day. This means that your goals to stop smoking just became a lot easier.

If you’re currently looking to stop smoking, or just want to find out more about the service that ChemistClick offer, then why not get in touch today to discuss your requirements in more detail.


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