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What is a private prescription?

A “private prescription” is the term used in the United Kingdom to describe a medical prescription that is not provided by the National Health Service (NHS). We are able to dispense private prescriptions that you have received from your doctor or prescriber and deliver them to you the following day.

How much is a private prescription?

The cost of a private prescription varies depending on the medication that has been prescribed. To find out the cost of your medication, simply click on this link and provide the relevant information and we can provide a quote for you.

How to get a private prescription online

We can dispense private prescriptions online once we receive the hard copy of your prescription. Once you have filled out an enquiry form, you will receive a quote. If you are happy to proceed, we will arrange for your private prescription to be fulfilled and deliver it to an address of your choice. In some cases, we are also able to prescribe medication for certain treatments which can be found here

How long is a private prescription valid for?

A private prescription is valid for 6 months from the date that it was prescribed. Any repeats on your prescription are valid indefinitely, provided that the first repeat is dispensed within 6 months from the date on the prescription. Prescriptions for controlled drugs that fall under schedule 2, 3 or 4 are valid for 28 days from the date on the prescription. We are unable to dispense prescriptions for controlled drugs.

What is the difference between a private prescription and an NHS prescription?

Private prescriptions are not related to the National Health Service (NHS) and not subsidised by the government. In the UK, NHS GP’s are only able to issue private prescriptions for medication that is not available on the NHS, such as hair loss medication or erectile dysfunction medication. If you visit a private doctor or prescriber, there is no restrictions to what can be prescribed.

Private prescription requirements

The prescription must have been issued in the UK or an EEA state, and the prescriber must be legally qualified to issue a prescription in the issuing country. The prescription must also be signed in indelible ink by the doctor or prescriber who is issuing the prescription. The prescription must include the following details:

  • The patient’s first and last name, and their date of birth
  • The issue date of the prescription
  • The prescriber’s details:
    • First and last name
    • Professional qualification
    • Direct contact details
    • Work address
    • Name of the state in which they work
    • Prescriber’s signature
  • The details of the medication being prescribed
    • Common name of the product or brand name where applicable
    • Pharmaceutical formulation (such as tablets, capsules etc.)
    • Quantity to be supplied
    • Strength of the medicine being supplied
    • The instructions for use or dosage regime

Can you dispense a private prescription from another country?

We can dispense private prescriptions that have been issued in countries that belong to the EEA (European Economic Area) and Switzerland. Countries that belong to the EEA include Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden.

Generic vs branded medication

Branded versions of medication will usually be more expensive than the non-branded versions. Whilst both contain the same active ingredient, companies producing the branded versions tend to charge more. When a medication is produced by a pharmaceutical company, they have a license to be the sole producer of that medication for a certain period of time; this is known as a “patent”. Once the patent expires, other companies can start to manufacture the same medicine as non-branded versions, bringing the cost of the medication down. It is a good idea to ask your prescriber whether they have prescribed the branded or generic version as we are unable to dispense the generic if you have been prescribed the branded, so this will need to be amended by your prescriber on the actual prescription.



Prescribers can typically issue private prescriptions for any licensed medicine within their scope of practice, excluding most controlled drugs. However, it is not good practice issue prescriptions for themselves, or close family
We are able to dispense cold chain medication. Unfortunately, we do not dispense controlled drugs at present.
Your medication will be dispensed from our inhouse UK pharmacy.
We do not charge for delivery private prescriptions.
We send medication in unmarked and unbranded packaging. There is no mention of “pharmacy” or “medication” on the exterior of our packages.
Your medication will be delivered the following day after receiving your prescription.
Yes, we are able to dispense private prescriptions online.
Unfortunately, private prescriptions are not covered by the NHS, therefore there will be a cost involved in sourcing and supply the medication.
Yes, we accept prescriptions from vets.