Man sitting on his bed scrolling through Instagram

The Impact Social Media Can Have On The Way Men View Their Body Image

Social media plays a big part in many people’s everyday lives. According to a 2019 study, there are just under ...
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A green box of fexofenadine 120mg in the chanel brand with three loose tablets in front

Is Fexofenadine available to buy Over The Counter?

Fexofenadine is an antihistamine used to relieve symptoms of allergy and hay fever. It is available to buy over the ...
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A box of sumatriptan 50mg and a box of sumatriptan 100mg torrent pharma brand

Sumatriptan: Side Effects, Interactions, Dosage & Warnings

What is Sumatriptan and what is it used for? Sumatriptan is a migraine treatment belonging to a class of drugs ...
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A man about to take a Viagra pill with a glass of water.

How to take Viagra

A recognised treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED), Viagra has helped to improve the sexual performance and confidence of its users ...
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A man taking Viagra for the first time

What effect does Viagra have?

Since its first release in 1998, Viagra has improved the sexual performance of men across the world. Whether it’s to ...
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A man in a chequered shirt with a backpack, wearing a face mask

Best Face Mask to Protect Against Coronavirus

The UK government have announced that members of the public should cover their face in public to help reduce the ...
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Acne Face Map

Acne Face Map: What Spots in Different Areas Mean

Acne that develops on different parts of your face can tell you more about your health. Below is a series ...
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A picture of Accord brand Finasteride with 14 unblistered tablets in front of the box

What are the Side Effects of Finasteride (Propecia)?

Finasteride is a popular hair loss treatment for men and is one of the few drugs that has been approved ...
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Person holding bag with dangerous Kamagra

What is Kamagra and is it safe to buy online?

Kamagra is a treatment for erectile dysfunction that is widely available on the internet. Many men see it as a ...
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