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How can I delay my period?

You can delay your period by taking a tablet called norethisterone.

How long can I delay my period for?

You can delay your period for a maximum of 17 days.

How do I take the period delay tablets?

Take 1 tablet three times a day, starting three days before the expected start of your period. Your period will come within 2-3 days of having stopped the medicine.

How do period delay tablets work?

In women, progesterone levels vary throughout the course of the month. Towards the end of the menstrual cycle, progesterone levels decline, causing the lining of the womb to break down and leave the body via a bleed known as a period. Period delay tablets (norethisterone) contain progesterone and keep levels high, ensuring that the lining of the womb is not broken down and shed. This prevents a bleed.

Do period delay tablets work?

Period delay tablets have a high success rate when taken correctly. Most women are able to successfully control their periods by taking these tablets. The tablets are supposed to be taken 3 days before the expected onset of your period. Taking norethisterone any later than this can cause spotting.

Are period delay tablets safe?

Most women are able to safely use period delay tablets on an occasional basis. There are some women who are not able to use period delay tablets. For example, those that have had:

  • A blood clot or a family history of blood clots
  • Liver problems
  • A heart attack or angina

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