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Proven to stop and reverse hereditary hair loss

Stimulates hair follicles to move from resting phase to growth phase

Improves blood, oxygen and nutrient supply to hair follicles

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Regaine Extra Strength Foam

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Treatment Summary

Works in: 60% of users
Takes effect from: 2-3 months of use
Costs on average: £170 per year


What is Regaine?

Regaine is a hair product that contains the active ingredient minoxidil. Minoxidil can be used by both men and women who are experiencing hair thinning around the scalp region. Minoxidil is available to buy without a prescription from most high street and online pharmacies. The most common and popular brand is Regaine, but there are also other brands of Minoxidil available. Regaine is available as a foam or liquid preparation for men, whilst women only have the option of a liquid preparation. Both preparations contain the same concentration of minoxidil and both are equally as effective. The benefit or the solution is that it allows you to measure the correct amount (1ml) accurately, whereas the foam application relies on you to estimate the correct amount. However, the foam is easier to apply and many men have reported that is looks less greasy after application. Regaine is available in strenghts of 2% and 5%. Regaine 2% (labelled as Regaine for women) is recommended for women, whilst Regaine 5% (labelled as Regaine extra strength) is the recommended treatment option for men.


How does Minoxidil (Regaine) work?

It is not known exactly how minoxidil works, but it is thought that Minoxidil dilates (expands) blood vessels around the scalp region, increasing the blood supply to the hair follicles. This causes an increase in size of the hair follicle and promotes oxygen and nutrient supply to the region, stimulating hair growth. 


Does Minoxidil work on receding hairlines?

Regaine (Minoxidil) has primarily been tested for effectiveness on the crown of the head. However, there have been numerous reports published that endorse minoxidil (Regaine) as an effective solution in treating frontal hair loss. Many men who use minoxidil find it effective treating receding hairlines, however, this claim has not been officially endorsed and we recommend minoxidil as an effective treatment for hair loss around the top of the scalp.  


Does Minoxidil (Regaine) work?

Minoxidil has proven to be successful in stopping hair loss and promoting the growth of new hair in both men and women. Two studies conducted by German doctors looked at the effectiveness of Regaine for men (minoxidil 5%). The first was conducted over a one year period and found that at the end of the study, balding regions had become smaller in 62% of subjects. Regaine was found to be "very effective" in 16% of men, "effective" in 48% of men and "moderately effective" in 21% of men in stimulating hair growth. ​
The second study was carried out over a four month period and found that at the end of four months, the balding region had got smaller in 67% of men. It was reported as "very effective" in 8% of men, "effective" in 55% of men and "moderately effective" in 31% of men in stimulating new hair growth. Doctors found that hair density (fullness) was improved in 74% of men.


How long does Minoxidil (Regaine) take to work?

It takes around 2 months of consistent use before you will notice the effects of Minoxidil. If you have been experiencing hair shedding after the first few weeks of using minoxidil, continue to use it. This is a good sign as the shedding hair are older hairs making way for newer healthier hairs. From around 3-4 months, you should notice that hairs are appearing to look thicker and your hair has a fuller effect. Whilst this is the general consensus, everyone has a different rate of hair growth and it may take slightly longer before you see results. If you have not seen any improvement after 6 months, stop using minoxidil.


Why is my hair falling out with Regaine?​

During the first few weeks after starting treatment with minoxidil, you may experience an increase in hair shedding. This is normal and a good sign, signalling that your new growth cycle is ready to begin. The older hairs are shedding to make way for newer, healthier hairs and with time, you should experience thicker and fuller hair growth. 

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