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Zolmitriptan Tablets

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Zolmitriptan is used to treat symptoms of a migraine., such as headaches, pain, nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light or sound. It works by narrowing blood vessels, preventing pain signals from being sent to the brain. It is also thought that zolmitriptan blocks chemicals that cause migraine symptoms.

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What is zolmitriptan?

Zolmitriptan is an effective migraine treatment used to relieve both migraines with and without auras. 

It belongs to the "Triptan" class of medication which are known as 5HT (Serotonin) receptor agonists. In the UK, you can also buy zolmitriptan under the brand name Zomig. Zolmitriptan comes in tablets or a nasal spray.

Belonging to the triptan class of drugs, also known as selective serotonin receptor agonists, zolmitriptan decreases the inflammation of blood vessels in the brain that a migraine causes. 

It is also able to prevent pain signals from being sent to the brain and prevent the release of natural substances that can cause migraine symptoms. 

How does zolmitriptan work?

It is not fully understood how migraines come about, however it is thought that widening of blood vesels during a migraine, send messages to the brain, causing the release of substances responsible for pain, nausea and other symptoms that are experienced with migraines. ​Zolmitriptan acts on Seretonin (5HT) receptors in the brain, which constrict blood vessels, stopping these messages from being sent, blocking the release of substances that cause migraines. It has also been suggested that zolmitriptan acts on the trigeminal nerve, which plays a role in relaying pain impulses from your head to your central nervous system (the control centre in our body which processes and registers how we feel pain).

Zolmitriptan uses

Not only does zolmitriptan help to relieve pain caused by migraines, but it is also effective at mitigating other migraine symptoms such as:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Light sensitivity
  • Sound sensitivity


It is important to note that zolmitriptan does not reduce the frequency of migraines, or prevent you from getting them in the future. If you suffer from migraines regularly, it is best to seek medical advice.

How to take zolmitriptan

Zolmitriptan tablets should be taken when the first signs of a migraine occur. Food does not affect the absorption of zolmitriptan, so it can be taken on an empty or full stomach. 

You should wait for migraine pain to begin before you take zolmitriptan, even if you experience warning signs (aura). This is because zolmitriptan is less effective if taken in the aura stage. 

If full relief has not been realised, or the migraine has returned and it has been two hours since you took the first tablet, you may take a second tablet.

Before you begin taking zolmitriptan, you should always read the information leaflet. Ask your pharmacist or doctor if you have any questions. 

Zolmitriptan dosage instructions

The starting dose for zolmitraptan is 2.5mg to be taken at the onset of a migraine. Another 2.5mg can be taken after 2 hours, if the migraine recurs. Do not take a second tablet to treat the same migraine attack. If response to the 2.5mg tablet is limited, your doctor or pharmacist may advise you to try the 5mg tablets. Do not take more than 10mg in a 24 hour period. 

The zolmitriptan dosage amount that you take is dependent on several factors, including: 

  • Your age
  • Other medication you may be taking
  • Your response to the treatment


Before taking zolmitriptan, always make sure to discuss with your pharmacist or doctor as to the correct dosage that you should take.

How long does zolmitriptan take to work?

Zolmitriptan tablets take around 30 minutes to work. They are also available in the branded version as a nasal spray (Zomig nasal spray) or orodispersible tablets (Zomig tablets) that have a faster onset of action.

Although you can take zolmitriptan at any time during a migraine, it is recommended that you take it as soon as possible after a migraine starts. 

If your symptoms have not improved, you should not take any more zolmitriptan before talking with your doctor. 

Zolmitriptan and alcohol

While alcohol doesn’t affect how zolmitriptan works, you shouldn’t drink alcohol if you have a migraine or cluster headache. 

Drinking alcohol has the potential to trigger a migraine, can make symptoms of an existing migraine worse, and can intensify side effects such as dizziness, drowsiness and nausea. 

Is zolmitriptan safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Along with other drugs in the triptan group, the use of zolmitriptan was analysed by pregnancy registries, which are observational studies of pregnant women who take prescription medication.

There was no significant congenital defects in the findings. The risk of major malformations in pregnant women was found to be similar to the general population’s risk. If you are pregnant, you should discuss the benefits and risks of zolmitriptan with your doctor or pharmacist. 

Zolmitriptan levels in breastmilk are low, so the amounts that infants ingest are small. No significant risk to infants has been determined by studies to date. If you are taking zolmitriptan, consult your doctor before breastfeeding.

What if zolmitriptan isn't working for me?

If zolmitriptan tablets aren’t effective for you, there are other options such as trying a higher dose, trying another form of delivery method (such as Zomig nasal spray) or exploring different treatment options (such as sumatriptan or rizatriptan). 

Some studies suggest that taking an NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory) such as ibuprofen can have an enhanced effect on reducing the symptoms of migraine. 

Zolmitriptan vs sumatriptan

Sumatriptan is another migraine relief treatment, it is also available in the UK under the brand name Imigran.

Zolmitriptan and sumatriptan are both in the triptan class of drugs, which are prescribed to people with migraines and cluster headaches. 

They work in the same way – triggering the stimulation of the brain’s serotonin (5HT) receptors, and reversing the widening of the blood vessels that causes a migraine, relieving pain. 

Due to their similar ways of working in the body, there appears to be very little that separates zolmitriptan from sumatriptan.

Clinical studies have also demonstrated that there are no significant differences between zolmitriptan and sumatriptan, however, it has been suggested that zolmitriptan is slightly more effective for those experiencing migraines associated with menstruation. 

They are both available in tablet and spray form, with sumatriptan tablets coming in 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg. Zolmitriptan is also available as an orodispersible tablet, which can be left to dissolve on the tongue. This may be useful for those not able to consume any fluids or swallow a tablet during a migraine attack.

For more information about sumatriptan, you can read what our customers have to say on our sumatriptan reviews page. Or, why not take a look at our guide that discusses sumatriptan in greater detail.

Zolmitriptan vs rizatriptan

In the UK, rizatriptan is also sold under the brand name Maxalt. Rizatriptan tablets come in 5mg and 10mg doses.

Both zolmitriptan and rizatriptan are selective serotonin receptor agonists in the triptan group of drugs. They work similarly by stimulating the serotonin receptors in the brain and decreasing the size of widened blood vessels, alleviating migraine pain. 

Sold at a similar price point, zolmitriptan and rizatriptan also have some of the same potential side effects such as nausea, drowsiness, fatigue, burning sensation, and a mild headache.

One significant difference is the time it typically takes zolmitriptan and rizatriptan to work. While zolmitriptan can take as long as an hour to relieve symptoms, rizatriptan is effective in no longer than 30 minutes. 

There are also different dosages for the two medications – rizatriptan is normally taken as one 10mg tablet, as opposed to 2.5mg or 5mg of zolmitriptan. 

Can I buy zolmitriptan over the counter?

You cannot buy zolmitriptan over the counter in the UK. Zolmitriptan is a prescription only medication. 

However, our service allows you to buy zolmitriptan online at a competitive price. Before our clinicians can prescribe this, you will need to fill out a short online questionnaire, which will determine your suitability for this product. 

If you have a private prescription from your GP, you can upload your prescription online. Once we’ve received your prescription, we’ll dispense the medication and send it to you by express delivery.

Zolmitriptan is safe to buy online as Chemist Click is registered with the GPhC (General Pharmaceutical Society) and the MHRA (Medicines Health Regulatory Authority). You should always check the credentials of the pharmacy when buying treatment online. Click here to see our credentials.

Side Effects

What are the side-effects of zolmitriptan?

As with all medication, zolmitriptan may cause side effects in some individuals, however, not everybody experiences them. Among the common potential side effects of zolmitriptan are:

  • Tingling sensations
  • Burning sensations
  • A ‘heaviness’ in the neck or chest
  • Chest pain
  • Nausea
  • Weakness
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness 
  • Dry mouth


Some of these side effects will not require immediate medical attention. Your doctor may be able to recommend ways that you can reduce or prevent these common side effects. If these symptoms last for more than two hours or appear to be very severe (especially chest pain), seek medical attention immediately. However, it is worth noting that these symptoms are rare. ​

If you do experience common side effects from zolmitriptan, there are a few ways in which you can address them. For example, if you experience dizziness after taking zolmitriptan you should never use machinery or tools, drive or ride a bicycle. The best option is to sit or lie down for a few minutes until you feel better.

Nausea can be managed by sticking to simple meals to avoid foods that could irritate or upset your stomach, and taking regular sips of water to avoid dehydration. 

Rarer and more serious potential side effects of zolmitriptan include:

  • Severe stomach pain
  • Diarrhoea
  • A fast or irregular heartbeat
  • Itching
  • Skin rash
  • Fever
  • A continuous cough
  • Blurred vision
  • Confusion
  • Nervousness
  • Strong urge to urinate
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Lower back pain
  • Side pain
  • Changes in skin colour
  • Numbness on one side of the body


You should seek immediate medical help if you experience any of these side effects. 

Patient Information Leaflet

For more information about Zolmitriptan migraine treatment, take a look at the patient information leaflets below: 


Where can I find out more information about Zolmitriptan tablets?

To find out more information about Zolmitriptan tablets, visit the NHS website.


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Product Reviews For Zolmitriptan Tablets


Overall, those who buy zolmitriptan tablets have provided positive feedback for their ability to effectively and swiftly combat migraine symptoms. 

Many long-term migraine sufferers have praised zolmitriptan after finding it to be one of the most effective drugs that significantly reduces their migraine symptoms. 

Zolmitripan has been praised for its reliability as users have claimed it ‘works every time’. Others have reported that zolmitriptan allows them to get on with everyday life, including work and social events, without their migraine holding them back. 

Some users have highlighted that while it hasn’t reduced the frequency of their migraine headaches, zolmitriptan has been effective in reducing the severity. 

Users who have reported side effects described them as minimal, with sleepiness, tingling, and a warm or burning sensation being among the most common. 

For more information about customer reviews of this medication, please take a look at our zolmitriptan reviews page. 


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