Duac Gel Reviews: What Our Customers Think

Product reviews can often provide a useful insight what to expect beforehand.  If you are looking for information about Duac results, or what to expect before and after Duac, customer reviews are a great place to start. Take a look at what users are saying about this product and gain a useful perspective into how this treatment can work for you and your skin.


What Is Duac Gel and What Does it Do?

Duac Gel is a topical gel used to treat acne, including blackheads, whiteheads, pustules, and papules. It achieves this via its active ingredient clindamycin, an antibiotic that kills bacteria at the root of the problem. Another active ingredient — benzoyl peroxide — acts as a peeling agent to remove any bacteria trapped beneath the surface layer, as helping to reduce inflammation associated with acne.

Duac Gel Reviews

It's always important seek advice from a medical professional when seeking treatment. Professionals have the knowledge and experience required to give you a comprehensive picture of what to expect from treatment. However, firsthand reviews and experiences from users can help you to gain an insight on what to expect.

Comparing Duac reviews to your own situation is a great way to understand more about what to expect. Reviews published on Chemist Click are transparent and non-biased, coming from a third-party review platform, Trustpilot.


Duac Topical Gel vs Epiduo

Studies have found that Epiduo Gel, another acne treatment, causes water loss from the skin through evaporation, resulting in dryness. Study participants using Duac Gel, in contrast, found that skin dryness and related complaints were significantly reduced. In addition, sensations of mild skin discomfort or stinging were found to be far less likely among users of Duac Topical Gel vs Epiduo. Duac, however, contains an antibiotic which can only be used for a short time. This is to reduce the risk of antibiotic resistance, in other words, to prevent your skin from becoming resistant to Duac. It is common for Epiduo to be used as a follow-on treatment after a course of Duac.


Duac Gel Cost

Duac prices start from around £25 for a tube. Depending on the area you are using Duac, one tube can last for 1-3 months. 


Duac Gel Results: A Summary of Our Customer Reviews

Below are some of the key points from our customer reviews of this product.

Treatment Effectiveness

Users reported a highly effective treatment when using Duac Gel. Many of them reported swift and visible results, even after just a few days or after a single use. Other users reported seeing Duac Gel results within only one week of use, including smoother, better-looking skin and significant reductions in spots and other acne marks and scarring.

Cost and Value

Those who have used the Duac Gel treatment found the product to be good value. Our own customer reviews score the entire experience highly, including the pricing of the product, the results and achieved, and the service. In most cases, reviewers provided a score of 5 out of 5.

Comparisons with Other Products

Reviewers generally found that Duac Gel compares favourably with other products. Key points of comparison include comfort — Duac Gel was found to be more comfortable to use than other products, and effectiveness — users reported better results with Duac Gel after trying many other options.

Ease of Use

Most reviewers reported that the gel is easy to use and can be incorporated simply into a standard skincare routine. Some of them said they were able to incorporate it immediately into their routine, while others reported a few days of irritation before treatment can be used with comfort.

Acne makes life miserable for millions of people across the UK and beyond, so it's crucial that you have the information required to make an informed decision about your treatment. Duac Gel reviews are an important part of this, and you can use these insights to speak to your doctor or pharmacist about any preapprehensions you may have.

You can read this article to find out more about how Duac works and how long it takes to work.

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