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Epiduo Gel

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Epiduo gel is an acne treatment which contains benzoyl peroxide and adapalene. Benzoyl peroxide works by getting rid of dead skin cells, excess oil and bacteria from under the skin. Adapalene renews skin cells and has an anti-inflammatory effect, reducing swelling and redness.

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Epiduo 0.3%/2.5% Pumps (90g) £62.45

What is Epiduo?

Epiduo is a prescription acne treatment, manufactured by Galderma. It contains adapalene with benzoyl peroxide gel. It is primarily used to treat mild to moderate acne on the face, chest or back. Adapalene is a retinoid, which helps to clear acne, as well as get rid of scarring. It is also contained - in a number of other acne treatments such as Differin Gel. Epiduo also contains benzoyl peroxide, a strong antibacterial that eliminates bacteria and helps pores shed dead skin cells. Both active ingredients are combined to unblock pores, get rid of blackheads and whiteheads, and kill the bacteria that causes acne. 

Epiduo is effective in treating mild to moderate acne, including hormonal acne and adult acne. It is also effective at helping to reduce scarring.  

Epiduo is also commonly used as dual therapy with antibiotics such as lymecycline or doxycycline.

Epiduo is unlikely to be effective in treating severe acne, such as cystic acne

How to use Epiduo

Clean your skin beforehand, ensuring that the area is dry. With clean hands, apply a thin, even layer of Epiduo gel over the affected area at bedtime. Avoid contact with the eyes, lips, and nostrils.

Epiduo gel should be left on the skin overnight and washed off in the morning.

How does Epiduo work?

Epiduo gel contains the active ingredient adapalene which is a retinoid. Retinoids are derived from vitamin A, and exert their action by increasing the turnover of skin cells. This promotes your skin to shed cells more efficiently, preventing dead skin cells from blocking pores which cause acne. It also contains benzoyl peroxide, an antimicrobial agent which helps to keep the skin clean and free from the bacteria associated with acne. The two ingredients work well together to treat and prevent acne, reduce skin inflammation, and heal acne scars.

How long does Epiduo take to work?

You should start to notice positive results week by week, but this can vary depending on the individual’s response to treatment, and the severity of the acne. After two months, you should see a visible improvement. If this is not the case, you should make an appointment to visit your GP, who may wish to step your treatment up or change it. It is important to note that you may experience increased skin sensitivity and irritation after the first few days of using treatment. This is your skin responding to treatment and getting used to the cream.

What happens when you stop using Epiduo?

If you stop using Epiduo before your acne has cleared, there is a chance that it could start to get worse again. If you have noticed an improvement with Epiduo, continue to use it a few weeks after your acne has cleared. Whether acne will return or not depends on the individual. Epiduo can be used as part of your skin maintenance routine and is safe to use long-term.

Does Epiduo cause purging?

During the first 4 weeks of treatment, there is a chance that users may experience skin purging. This is a short period of time where users may experience skin peeling, burning, and inflammation. Due to an increase in skin cell turnover, the skin will begin to shed dead skin cells faster than usual. As this happens, the skin will push all the gunk from the lower layers of the skin to the surface, causing such side effects. Even though your skin may look worse, it’s a sign that treatment is working. 

Try to avoid using products that are harsh on your skin such as abrasive cleansers or any products that contain astringents or alcohol whilst using Epiduo gel. This may make skin more irritated. 

To ease irritation, the best moisturisers to use are hypoallergenic and mild face creams which are fragrance free. You should wash the gel off in the morning before applying a gentle moisturiser. Avoid using products that are harsh on your skin such as abrasive cleansers or any products that contain astringents or alcohol whilst using Epiduo gel. This may make skin more irritated. 

Does Epiduo gel help with acne scars?

Research has shown that Epiduo gel is effective in reducing the formation of new scars, as well as improving the appearance of present scars.

Epiduo side effects

Apart from the purge, other side effects of Epiduo can include tingling skin and a rash. If you experience skin irritation within the first week, this is not likely to be attributable to the purge, and it is likely an allergic reaction. Signs of allergy can include redness, burning and a rash. You should stop using Epiduo and seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist if this happens. Your doctor or pharmacist may advise applying Epiduo every other day, to allow your skin to get used to the gel, however, this will depend on the extent of the irritation.

A serious allergic reaction to Epiduo is very rare, but it can happen. If any of the listed side effects below do occur, discontinue use and seek medical help immediately. 

  • Severe rash
  • Itching & swelling of the face, tongue or throat
  • Severe dizziness
  • Trouble breathing

What is Epiduo Forte?

Epiduo Forte contains the same ingredients as Epiduo gel, however, adapalene is a higher strength. Epiduo Forte contains 0.3% adapalene, and Epiduo gel contains 0.1% adapalene.

Epiduo ingredients

The main ingredients contained in Epiduo gel are adapalene and benzoyl peroxide. Other ingredients include propylene glycol, disodium edetate, glycerol, poloxamer, docusate sodium, Simulgel 600 PHA and purified water

Can you use Epiduo gel when pregnant or breastfeeding?

You should not use Epiduo if you are pregnant. If you fall pregnant whilst using Epiduo, you should discontinue treatment. 

Epiduo is safe to use whilst breastfeeding, however, you should take care to ensure that application to the chest and surrounding area is avoided, to reduce exposure to the infant. 

Who should not use Epiduo gel?

You should not use Epiduo gel if you fall into any of the following categories:

  • You are allergic to any of the ingredients in Epiduo gel
  • You have not been prescribed Epiduo gel for your own use
  • Children under the age of 9
  • You have sunburn or high exposure to ultraviolet rays
  • You are currently receiving acne treatment containing benzoyl peroxide or other retinoids
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding

Can I use Epiduo gel with other medication?

Epiduo gel is safe to use with most medication, however, you cannot use it at the same time as other treatments for acne that contain benzoyl peroxide, or any retinoids. You should also avoid using other cosmetic products that may have an irritating, drying or exfoliating action on the skin.

Can I use make-up with Epiduo gel?

Yes, you can use Epiduo whilst wearing make-up. But be sure to use non-comedogenic and oil free products. Nevertheless, Epiduo gel should be applied in the evening before bed therefore you probably won’t be applying both at the same time. If for some reason, you need to apply make-up, wait for the gel to dry before applying any products

Epiduo vs Duac

Duac and Epiduo both contain benzoyl peroxide. The main difference between the two is that Duac contains an antibiotic, clindamycin, whereas Differin contain adapalene instead.

Duac is usually used in instance where Epiduo has not worked, or, in instance where acne is moderate.

Whilst Epiduo can be used safely long-term, Duac contains an antibiotic so it can only be used for a short period to avoid your skin building resistance to it.

Epiduo vs Differin

Epiduo and Differin both contain adapalene. The only difference is that Epiduo contains benzoyl peroxide.

For those that find Epiduo to be effective but irritating to the skin, Differin may prove to be more gentle, as it does not contain Differin.

Those that find Differin to be effective to a certain extent, may find that Epiduo works better as it contains the added benzoyl peroxide.

Can you buy Epiduo over the counter

In the UK, Epiduo is a prescription acne cream which must be approved by a medical professional first. It is recommended that you speak to your doctor before trying any acne medication.

You can buy Epiduo online through our website once you have completed a short consultation. Once the consultation has been approved by one of our doctors, we will swiftly send the prescription to you in a discreet package. 

Can you get Epiduo gel on the NHS?

Epiduo is available on the NHS, however, this will be at the discretion of your doctor.

Patient Information Leaflet

For more information on Epiduo gel acne treatment, take a look at the patient information leaflet below: 


Where can I find out more information about Epiduo gel?

To find out more information about Epiduo, visit the NHS website.


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Product Reviews For Epiduo Gel

Epiduo is undoubtedly an effective acne treatment used to eliminate harmful bacteria on the skin, reduce redness and inflammations and get rid of whiteheads and blackheads. Even though we’ve talked about this throughout, it’s important you get an unbiased view of what the product is really like from the people that matter, the reviewers.


  • There seems to be a general consensus that Epiduo is very effective at clearing up spots
  • Most reviewers explain that the product is easy to use and suitable for persistent teenage and adult acne
  • Some patients have described the product as ‘miracle cream’
  • Minimises dry and flakey skin
  • Customers have commented that they begin to see results within weeks
  • Minimal side effects
  • Comes in gel form which means it doesn’t require oral medication


  • Epiduo purge
  • Do not apply to a sunburnt areas as it can give you blisters
  • Not recommended to use if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding


Whilst some customers experienced some minor side effects, (you can find out more about Epiduo side effects in the "About" section), the positives definitely outweigh the negatives. Especially since the majority of patients did not experience any adverse effects. we’re confident in recommending this treatment to teens and adults suffering from mild to moderate acne.

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Epiduo Gel
Seems to be doing what people say it should be.

By Indie Alexandrou, 27th of January

Epiduo Gel
Strong but works, go light

By Misbah Batool, 24th of October

Epiduo Gel
The best gel for acne

By Iwona Roman, 08th of September

Epiduo Gel
Top class in general...

By Abdirahman Hoosh, 22nd of July

Epiduo Gel
not too bad need to see results after longer period

By Bryan E, 10th of June

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