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EN14683 Certified Washable Face Mask

Easily washable and reusable

Individually sealed


Washable Face Mask

Reusable Face Mask




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What are washable face masks?

Washable face masks are a form of Personalised Protective Equipment (PPE). Our washable face masks are made from a material called neoprene, providing an extremely high level of resistance to water. They can be washed and reused easily, as these masks dry within a few minutes. Our face masks are EN14683 certified, which means they meet certain criteria ensuring that they are fit for purpose to be used as PPE.


How do they work?

Our washable face masks are made from neoprene, a material that possesses excellent qualities including resistance to fluid. This provides added protection against liquid and particles in the air, both of which are carriers of harmful viruses, bacteria and germs. Typically, surgical masks are made of polypropylene fibres which means that an antibacterial finish process cannot be applied. Our masks are produced from polyester fibres and are finished off with a silver-ion anti-bacterial and anti-viral process to increase the protection properties of the mask.


Are washable face masks fluid resistant?

Our washable face masks are produced using neoprene, the same material as wetsuits. This material is hydrophobic (repelling water). You will be able to pour water in the mask without it seeping through or leaking.


How effective are washable face masks?

These washable face masks offer a >95% bacterial filtration efficiency meaning that they filter more than 95% of particles from the air. As well as this they are treated with silver ion nanoparticles which is an anti-microbial technology.


How to use a washable face mask

To use this face mask, secure an ear loop around both ears, ensuring that the mask covers your face and chin. They have an ergonomic design which provides a snug fit and are available in two sizes. Once you have used the mask for its intended purpose, you can put it in the washing machine, or hand wash it. These masks dry within a few minutes, due to the material it is made from.


How much protection do washable face masks provide?

Our washable face masks are EN14683 certified, which means that they provide medical grade protection and are classed as PPE. They are one of the few reusable 3D face mask that provide this level of protection.