Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment


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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common problem among men; in fact, statistics show that 1 in 5 men are affected by ED in the UK. This common affliction is nothing to be concerned about if it is not a regular occurance. However, if it does persist, then this could be a sign of a more serious medical problem.

Erectile dysfunction can spark worry in many people. It can often feel quite stressful, and you may not know how to treat it. Luckily, there are a range of erectile dysfunction treatments available through our online pharmacy.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) occurs when a man struggles to achieve and/or maintain an erection. It is also known as impotence. It is a very common condition that is easily managed, either through medical intervention (via the use of medication, gel or pumps), or through counselling.

If you struggle to get an erection every now and again, then most likely, it is nothing to worry about. However, if it is a regular occurrence, then this is most likely linked to ED.

Erectile dysfunction can put a strain on an individual and make them feel stressed. So, if you feel like you are experiencing ED, it can be a good idea to try and resolve the problem as soon as possible to put your mind at ease.

Erectile dysfunction symptoms

There are not a lot of symptoms related to erectile dysfunction, but they are easy to identify. The main symptoms are trouble getting or maintaining an erection and a reduced sex drive. It is normal to feel concerned in these instances but try to remember that it is a condition that can be treated. 

Causes of erectile dysfunction

An erection happens when you are physically or mentally aroused. Something you have thought of, seen, felt, smelt or heard, will cause nerves in the brain to send chemical messages, allowing arteries in your penis to open. In turn, the arteries allow for a rush of blood to enter the penis, so that it can expand in shape and size. A disruption to this process can cause erectile dysfunction.  

You may be surprised to know that there are several causes of erectile dysfunction, and these can be caused by both physical and psychological issues. Stress, depression and anxiety are just some of the factors that can cause it. Experiencing erectile dysfunction can also make individuals experience these psychological issues as they feel pressure. 

There are many physical issues that trigger erectile dysfunction amongst men. This can be anything from weight gain and diabetes to age related considerations. There are many erectile dysfunction causes, and an individual can experience one of them, or several, depending on their situation. 

Smoking is another factor that can cause this problem. So, by making changes to your lifestyle, you can help to prevent the cause of erectile dysfunction and also help maintain better health in the future. 

Physical factors of erectile dysfunction:

  • Conditions that affect blood flow to the penis, such as heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity
  • Conditions affecting the nervous system where the transfer of nerve impulses from the brain to the penis are disrupted; such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, stroke or spinal injury
  • Conditions that affect the hormonal balance such as an overactive or underactive thyroid, and other conditions that decrease the levels of testosterone, the male sex hormone
  • Conditions that affect the anatomy of the penis such as Peyronie’s disease (resulting in a bent erect penis)
  • Medication induced ED, caused by taking medication that affects hormonal balance or blood flow to the penis


Psychological Factors of erectile dysfunction are:

  • Depression – Low self-esteem and energy levels are two characteristics associated with depression that can affect your sex drive. Low motivation and energy levels can make it difficult to become sexually aroused and peak at sexual performance
  • Stress – A stressful event or period you may be going through will not only influence your mind, but also your body. Throughout stressful periods, hormones are released into your blood stream, making your body aware that there is a potentially threatening situation ahead. Your mind and body enter into a different state, where perhaps sex drops down the priority list
  • Anxiety – Both chronic anxiety and acute performance related anxiety can have an effect on your sexual ability. Anxiety in general; and being anxious about performing often mean that you are less likely to do so. When this has happened once, it can have a negative impact on your state of mind, which can have a knock-on effect. If not dealt with, anxiety threatens to take the fun out of many of life’s pleasures
  • Relationship problems – It is not uncommon for men to experiencing erectile dysfunction when going through a difficult relationship. Being unable to connect with your partner emotionally can often mean you are unable to connect on a sexual level. Poor communication, arguing and a lack of understanding can change the way you feel towards your partner sexually, meaning you may find it difficult to achieve and maintain an erection.


The cause of Erectile Dysfunction can also be a combination of both physical and psychological factors. For example, a physical issue such as diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol can cause poor circulation in the arteries, restricting blood flow to the penis, which may cause you to experience erectile dysfunction. In turn, this can cause you to have anxiety in the future when faced with a potential sexual encounter, which may be another contributing factor to erectile dysfunction.

Average age for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is an issue that usually occurs in men as they get older. It has been suggested that younger males can have a better sexual function. Nearly 70% of men are said to be affected by erectile dysfunction by the time they are 70 years old. Many men go through it, and it is more common than you may have realised. 

Erectile dysfunction and alcohol

Many individuals enjoy an alcoholic drink from time to time. In moderation, this is fine. However, many do not realise that excessive alcohol consumption can cause temporary erectile dysfunction. This is because consuming alcohol on a larger scale can make it difficult for a man to get or keep an erection. 

Studies have shown that men who consume a lot of alcohol frequently, this includes consuming more than 21 drinks a week, experience issues with erectile dysfunction. In fact, up to 72% experience erectile dysfunction as a result. Substituting alcohol for water can really help play a positive role in prevention.

Erectile dysfunction and smoking

Erectile dysfunction occurs when there is poor blood supply to the penis. Without an increased blood flow, it is difficult to get and maintain an erection.  

The chemicals from smoking cigarettes can damage the lining of your blood vessels, thus affecting the way that they function. If your blood vessels are unhealthy, you can experience issues with getting an erection.  

If you are a smoker who wants to kick the habit, then luckily, there are plenty of helpful resources and forums online that can give you helpful advice. Chemist Click offers a range of smoking cessation treatment options that are available through our website.  

Will high blood pressure affect erectile dysfunction?

If you experience high blood pressure, then you may be aware that this is commonly associated with erectile dysfunction. 

In most instances, to treat erectile dysfunction, you will need to actively lower your blood pressure through lifestyle changes or medication. You should always consult your doctor for their advice. 

During times of sexual arousal, your brain sends signals to the nerves in and around your penis. This increases the flow of blood to your penis and allows the blood vessels to relax and open up, giving you an erection. High blood pressure can have a damaging effect on these blood vessels, and it can cause them to become narrow so blood cannot flow through them. 

As briefly mentioned, lifestyle changes can decrease your blood pressure alone. Exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet is key. There are a number of medications available for treating high blood pressure. However, some of them can contribute to problems with erectile dysfunction, so it is always advised that you speak with your doctor if you have any concerns.

Does ED affect sperm count?

Getting an erection and producing sperm are two separate functions of the body. You may have a perfectly healthy sperm count but may have difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection. This means that once you have identified and treated your ED, it may still be possible to impregnate a partner.  

On the other hand, you may not have a problem with your erections, but you might be finding it difficult to get your partner pregnant. This could mean that you have a low sperm count. Either way, both can be treated and it is important to maintain positivity throughout.  

Is erectile dysfunction permanent or temporary?

Some men develop erectile dysfunction as a result of underlying health conditions, taking certain medication or as a result of psychological issues such as stress, anxiety or depression. By addressing these issues, you may find that your temporary sexual dysfunction can be restored back to normal. 

Permanent damage to nerves, arteries and old age may play a role in ED that is harder to reverse. However, there are many safe and effective treatment options available, meaning that you can enjoy a normal sex life.

Foods that can help with erectile dysfunction

One way that you can improve your sexual health is through your diet. In fact, there are a number of foods that can help with erectile dysfunction and boost your sexual function.  

Folic acid plays a vital part in male sexual performance, and it has been known that low levels of folic acid in the blood have been linked to erectile dysfunction in the past. Greenery like spinach, fruits and other vegetables like carrots and apples, are also said to help improve your sperm count and can help you prevent serious health issues like prostate cancer. 

Erectile dysfunction treatment option

It is important to note that erectile dysfunction is a common problem. You let this concern you as there are plenty of erectile dysfunction treatments available through our online pharmacy. Medications like Sildenafil and Tadalafil can help you take back control by reversing the effects of erectile dysfunction. 

There is a slight difference between Sildenafil and Tadalafil, as Tadalafil can last for up to 36 hours and needs to be taken half an hour before sexual activity. Sildenafil tablets need to be taken 1 hour before sexual activity and lasts for up to 4 hours.  

Whilst Tadalafil seems to be the more effective option, Sildenafil is less likely to cause side-effects. Each individual person can have different responses to treatment and if one particular medication is not giving you the desired response, an alternative drug may give you better results.  

Additional Resources

If you’re interested in finding out more about erectile dysfunction, Chemist Click has a host of resource on this topic. Take a look below for further information pertaining to ED in general as well as specific medications



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