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Beclometasone Nasal Spray

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⭐Generic version of Beconase
⭐Works within 2 days
⭐200 doses per bottle

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About Beclometasone nasal spray

Key points

  • Works within 2 days
  • Two sprays to be used in each nostril twice daily
  • Generic version of Beconase


Buy beclometasone nasal spray (Nasobec) online

You can buy beclometasone nasal spray online after completing a consultation. It is the generic version of Beconase, sold under the brand name – Nasobec. At Chemist Click, we have next day delivery options available.

What is beclometasone nasal spray?

Beclometasone nasal spray is the generic version of Beconase. It is a steroid spray used to treat symptoms of allergic rhinitis (hay fever) and allergies. It works by reducing inflammation and swelling within the nasal passage, helping to treat symptoms such as:

  • Sneezing
  • Nasal congestion
  • Runny/itchy nose


How long does beclometasone nasal spray take to work?

It takes around 2 days for beclometasone to start working. The full effects will usually be felt after 2 weeks of regular use. If you suffer from hay fever, you should start to use beclometasone two weeks before the hay fever season starts.

Beclometasone nasal spray dosage instructions

Use two sprays into each nostril, two times a day.

Reduce to one spray into each nostril, two times a day once symptoms are controlled.

Do not use more than 4 sprays in each nostril in 24 hours.

Beclometasone nasal spray ingredients

Active ingredient: Beclometasone dipropionate 50mcg

Inactive ingredients: Dextrose, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, polysorbate 80, microcrystalline cellulose, purified water, phenylethylalcohol and benzalkonium chloride

Important note: Whilst the active ingredient will always remain the same, there may be slight difference in the inactive ingredients. Always read the patient information leaflet supplied with your medication for a full list of ingredients.

Beclometasone nasal spray side effects

Like all medication, side effects are possible. Side effects of beclometasone nasal spray are:

  • Sneezing
  • Unwanted taste in your throat
  • Unwanted smell in your nose


Seek medical assistance if you experience any of the following:

  • Pain or dryness in the throat or nose
  • Nose bleeds
  • Skin irritation
  • Swelling of the nose, face, throat, or mouth
  • Trouble breathing


Does beclometasone nasal spray have any long-term side effects?

Long-term side effects are unlikely, as a very small amount of the drug enters the blood stream.

However, if you are using treatment for more than 3 months, you should inform your doctor or pharmacist, as they may wish to monitor you.

Beclometasone nasal spray warnings

Do not use beclometasone nasal spray if

  • You have an allergy to any of the ingredients
  • You are using other steroid medication

Beclometasone and pregnancy

Beclometasone nasal spray is usually safe to use during pregnancy, as are most other steroid nasal sprays. The amount of drug that is absorbed into the blood stream is very little, and not likely to be dangerous.

Always inform your doctor or pharmacist if you wish to use beclometasone whilst pregnant.

Beclometasone and breastfeeding

Beclometasone nasal spray is usually safe to use whilst breastfeeding. The amount of drug present in breastmilk is not thought to be harmful.

Always inform your doctor or pharmacist if you are planning to use beclmetasone whilst breastfeeding.

Beclometasone nasal spray interactions

Beclometasone is safe to take with most medication. However, beclometasone can interact with:

  • HIV medication including cobicistat and ritonavir

Beclometasone nasal spray alternatives

Beclometasone nasal spray vs Beconase

  • Both treatments contain the same active ingredient, beclometasone dipropionate 50mcg
  • There may be slight differences in the inactive ingredients
  • Beclometasone is slightly cheaper


If you are not experiencing relief using beclometasone, you should speak to your doctor or pharmacist about trying an alternative nasal spray, such as:


NHS UK. (n.d.). About Beclometasone Nasal Spray. Retrieved February 21, 2024, from

This spray is a prescription only product and has more sprays. Beclometasone OTC is available as a 100 dose spray.

Product Reviews For Beclometasone Nasal Spray

Summary For Beclometasone Nasal Spray

Medication class Steroid
Mechanism of action Reduces nasal inflammation
Active ingredient Beclometasone dipropionate
Strength 50mcg
Effective within 2 days (2 weeks for full effect)
Dosage instructions 2 sprays into each nostril, twice daily
Manufacturer Nasobec - Teva, Mylan, Ivax
Use with alcohol No known interaction


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